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Process Development

Good intentions don’t work…

“Good intentions don’t work. What does work? Good processes do work.” (Jeff Bezos). 

A good process, when performed by people, eliminates or, at least reduces, defects and this, in turn, reduces cost because the cost of correcting a mistake is often a multiple of getting it right first time. 

A good process, be it automated or performed by people, also eliminates waiting time or bottlenecks where one process connects to another. Waiting time or bottlenecks are also cost drivers. Processes need to flow.



I can help to evaluate and to streamline processes where they exist and I can design processes where they don’t exist. 

  • Process analysis

  • Defect deep dive

  • Process improvement & LEAN management

  • Process design


  • Nearly 10 years of significant developments at Amazon and eBay.

  • Same-Day delivery for a high value fashion retailer in New York.

  • Port operations for freight at major ferry operator.

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