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No friction…

E-commerce logistics starts with a return shipment. Customers will often check out the returns process when making a buying decision and too much friction at this ‘back end’ will translate into friction at the ‘front end’ and therefore, is likely to impact on the all important conversion rate.

Logistics is the only physical interaction the customer is ever likely to have with the retailer (or a restaurant) and therefore, it is paramount that there is as little friction as possible. 

Applying LEAN 6-sigma management principles to the entire process will help to reduce cost and result in a good customer experience. 



I can help to evaluate and to improve the logistics and fulfilment process to drive conversion and to reduce cost. 

  • Customer Experience

  • Conversion

  • Last Mile delivery / Same Day delivery

  • Fulfillment options

  • Returns management & re-marketing


  • Nearly 10 years of significant developments at Amazon and eBay.

  • Various projects for Last Mile delivery companies as far reaching as New York.

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