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Outsourcing & Procurement

You get out what you put in...

The optimal logistics tender requires a well structured approach that starts with your goals and your business requirements. These are not always obvious and it pays off to define those well to measure tender responses against them. 

A tender process is also an opportunity to innovate and capture the creativity of the logistics / transportation provider and therefore, the process should not be over-structured. 

As for the evaluation of tender responses, it is important to establish the ‘total cost of ownership’ to ensure a potential reduction of direct costs is not outweighed by an increase of indirect costs. 


I can help to drive the entire process from the specification of requirements to implementation including an assessment whether the goals have been achieved.

  • Specification of requirements

  • Supplier research & selection

  • Tender management 

  • Contract development & negotiation

  • Implementation


  • Over 100 tenders for companies such as Amazon, Hewlett Packard and eBay.

  • Multi million savings. 

  • Introduction of innovative logsitics and transportation services. 

  • Significant reduction of service failures. 

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