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Logistics, transportation, ferry and port operations run on fine margins which means a “get it right first time”, defect free, approach is vital as correcting errors often costs a multiple of getting it right first time. Every move of a box, a pallet or a trailer counts. 

Optimising the use of an asset means not only fully utilising it when it is available but also to ensure that it is available at the right time. 

Process improvements and / or cost reductions need to be made measurable and embedded in the organisation to become part of Operational Excellence.


I can help with a hands–on approach from assessment to implementation of the solution and realising the benefits.

  • Cost reduction assessments

  • Operational excellence

  • Asset utilisation optimisation

  • Defect deep dive & defect elimination


  • 30 years of experience in various operational environments. Transportation, warehousing, ports, ferries, B2C deliveries. 

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