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Good Intentions don't work. Good Solutions DO work.



Creative Solutions

I am a senior e-commerce logistics and business management leader with 25 years of experience which has produced significant developments at companies such as Amazon, eBay, HP and DHL. I am also a co-founder of The Relentless Network, a business network made up entirely of senior Amazon alumni serving businesses in the greater Luxembourg region.  

My experience spans from customer focused e-commerce logistics driving growth to process management, reverse logistics and business restructuring.

TRUCONSULT is the trading name of Thorsten Runge Consult.



RE-sulting is better than consulting. My business is to deliver results and 'finished articles' that produce tangible improvements for my clients, ideally, from Day 1.


Grow your E-commerce Business - New Entrants - Retailers - Logistics Providers - Start Ups

Logistics, here, is defined in the widest possible sense. It starts with taking an order and it goes right through to a return shipment and the re-marketing of a returned product. 

Consequently, the service offering is equally wide:

- Optimal network Topology

- Creation of new Services

- Cost Savings

- Customer Satisfaction

- Delivery Performance 

- KPIs

- Logistics Strategy 

- LSP Management 

- Processes / 6 Sigma 

- LEAN Management

to name a few, fall into this area.

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Expert Guidance

Prepare your business to manage change and get it to the next level. 

I would have achieved very little in my career without the help of great teams and without the support of business functions like Finance, HR and so on. The key is to make them all work in sync. 

If your organisation is resisting necessary change; if functions are not supporting each other; if staff don't seem to do what they are "supposed" to do, then I can help.

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Achieve Your Goals

Project Management is a highly complex and time consuming task that you may not have the resource for. 

- Creation of Project Plans

- Execution of Project Plans

- Management of Project Teams

- Professional Updates to senior stakeholders

- Management of the Decision Process

- Stakeholder Sign Off

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Reach the Senior Management Level of the Service Provider and make them understand the Value of your Business

If you haven't put your business out to tender for a few years then you are likely to pay too much and the service levels probably are below par. 

If your business doesn't have the attention of the senior management of the service provider then this will definitely be the case.

- RFQ Strategy - What are your levers?

- Set Up

- Data Collection

- Goal Setting

- Response Analysis

- Strategic Evaluation

- Decision Process Management

- Implementation

- Verification against the Goals

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When You Need Everything

I offer training, coaching and advice on many general business items:

- Creating a Business Plan fit for Investors

- I can help to secure funding

- Advice on how to create a Strategy 

- How to run effective meetings

and much more

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